Saturday ~ MAY 5th  at 1PM

The Indian Stuff Concert Series
Benjamin Dehart
at the

St. Petersburg, Florida

A Benefit Concert For Grandmother June

Traditionally, the good people who arrange the Indian Stuff concerts,
have never charged admission fees for any of their shows.
Blanket offerings and/or donations have been graciously accepted to show gratitude for the
performer's time and talents.

All donations that
were offered to Benjamin at this concert,
ere donated to our beloved Elder, Grandmother June, who was recently
diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid.

"Grandmother June is a Cherokee Elder who resides in the St. Petersburg area. She is a vital
part of the Native American community and has never failed to help all those in need who might
cross her trail."

"Your gifts from the heart will be greatly appreciated by this precious old one,
who has given so much of herself."

Thank you !!


To date, we raised over $700 in donations
for Grandmother June

Wado ! Pilamayaye ! Shonabish !

Many Thanks !